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Mary Magdalene - Invitation to Love  Copyright 2010 Janet McKenzie

Who are we?

We Are.... people of God professing our faith in a living Catholic tradition. We are a group of Christians who have joined with the Ecumenical Catholic Communion as an alternative form of community, worship and Catholicism. We are men and women, lay and ordained, joining together in response to the call to live the Gospel of liberation and justice; to offer refuge in Christ for those who suffer prejudice; to stand open to dialogue with others so called.

We welcome... Christians from other faith traditions who are seeking the richness of Catholic spirituality and celebration. We recognize the dignity of all regardless of their ages, race, gender, national origin, sexual orientation or marital status. Our communion table is open to all as we seek to emulate the generous love of Jesus described in the gospels. We encourage the entire community to participate in our ministries and committees as all authentic renewal begins from the bottom up. Click here to view videos of our past educational offerings as well as what is coming soon.

The community is a non-profit organization and leadership is shared between the ordained and lay volunteers. We chose the name, Mary of Magdala, for our community to reflect the scriptural accounts of female and male leadership present in the early church and to inspire women to serve in visible liturgical roles. and to conform our lives to the life and teachings of Jesus.

We offer the Sacraments....As an Ecumenical Catholic church we celebrate the seven Sacraments including: Baptism, Confirmation, Holy Communion, Reconciliation, Marriage, Anointing of the Sick, and Holy Orders....for all.

An inclusive Community

A member of the Ecumenical
Catholic Communion

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