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Hospitality Ministry

Mission Statement –

Offering hospitality is at the core of our Christian ministry.  We at Mary of Magdala intentionally offer regular opportunities to gather together, allowing our community time for relationship building, and new people the chance to meet our church members.  All are welcome.


Our Commitment –

We are committed to supporting the entire Mary of Magdala community celebrations and events.  We also support funeral receptions for family or family members conducted at our location (Trinity Lutheran Church site). (See Guidelines for Funeral Receptions.)





We are intentional about

building community


Back Row:

Lynne Barnes, Shelley Gibson, Joan Chapman-Smith, Ginger Russ, Jim Barnes, Erin McErman,  Jeff Akkerman with Levi.

Front Row:

Susan Tavener-Berry, Lisa Moos, Ann Russell, Len Russ, Gentrice Petrie. 

Call to Participate

The Hospitality Committee is composed of volunteers from the Mary of Magdala community. We are always open to additional membership!

We ask for a one year commitment and all you need to bring is your enthusiasm and desire to share your time in this important work of building community. We have one annual committee meetings to schedule and coordinate the monthly suppers, and additional meetings as needed for special events. 

If you have a desire for leadership, the chair serves a two year term. Co-chairing the committee is always welcome. This position coordinates volunteers, serves as the point person for the leadership council liaison and contact for requested funeral receptions.


Past Committee Members

Committee Chair: Joan Chapman-Smith

​​​​From left to right: Colleen Demuth, Ann Russell, Len Russ, Susan Tanener-Berry, Joyce Trujillo, Joan Chapman-Smith, Lynne Barnes. Not pictured: Jean Christen, Ginger Russ, Margie Weitz, Jeffrey Akkerman, Erin McDonald, Jim Barnes, Shelley Gibson, Ginger Russ

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