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About the Rocky Mountain Regional Council

The Rocky Mountain Regional Council (RMRC) is made up of delegates, both clergy and lay, from all the Ecumenical Catholic communities in the Rocky Mountain Region.

Each community selects a lay delegate from its membership. The pastor selects the clergy delegate. In addition the Vicar of the region is appointed by the Presiding Bishop. RMRC embodies the ideal of laity/clergy shared leadership.

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Bishop Election Notice -  Rocky Mountain Regional Council, ECC

With great joy, the Rocky Mountain Region of the Ecumenical Catholic Communion (ECC) announced Mother Kae Madden as t first Bishop.  


A formal affirmation by the entire ECC occurred at the ECC Holy Synod and consecrated locally. Blessings to our Bishop-Elect Kae Madden and our Region in building our church future together.


Glory be to God!

Kae Madden.jpg

We uphold the primacy of enlightened individual conscience in matters of moral decisions....

Mission and Active Programs

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About Colorado Council of Churches

Our Mission Statement

Walking together in faith, working together for justice is the mission of our covenanting denominations, congregations and affiliated partners as they come together to be the Colorado Council of Churches (CCC).

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