Leadership Council

The leadership council is the governing body of the community elected by the membership and dedicated to fulfilling the mission of Mary of Magdala. The Council shall be responsible for making and implementing decisions on behalf of the membership - from financial decisions to outreach ministries.  A clergy representative who has been invited to serve the community by the Leadership Council shall exercise leadership with respect to matters of theology, spirituality and liturgy.  

The governing document is its constitution, approved in April, 2013 along with a COVENANT signed by each member.  The Leadership Council meets seven times annually on the second Monday of the month to chart the course of the community. (February, April, May, June, September, November, and December.) Meetings are open to any community member who would like to attend.

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Laity and ordained.

Guided by the Spirit.Leading from the heart

Leadership Council Membership

Chantal Bouveron

I grew up Roman Catholic but had what some might call a “dramatic break-up” with the Church when I came out as queer in college. I hadn’t really attended church for many years until my wife told me about the ECC and Mary of Magdala. I remember attending our first mass about a year ago and being completely blown away. My wife and I were openly welcomed and celebrated in a church that had many of our beloved traditions, and the deacon was a woman!?!? It was the most blessed homecoming.


I have a strong passion for creating inclusive spaces for all in my middle school classroom, and would love a chance to serve on the council to help welcome more to this family of ours

Joanne Gallagher

The inclusive and loving family of Mary of Magdala has allowed me to feel at home.....my spiritual home.  I am honored to have served as Secretary for the Mary of Magdala Leadership Council last year and wish to continue my service.


I have grown to love this community of loving and kind people. Each Sunday, it is a joy for me to watch the coming and goings of our young people as they participate with their families in our MoM services. I am by training an elementary school teacher and a social worker. By continuing my service on the Leadership Council, I can support and to give back to this community.

Jeff Akkerman - Co-Chair

My wife Erin and I moved to Fort Collins and began searching for our new church.  As cradle Catholics, who met at mass and were married in the church we met in, we immediately attended mass at the 3 Roman Catholic Churches here in Fort Collins. We found that we left them still spiritually hungry and thirsty.  So, we began to look outside of the Roman Catholic Church for the first time in our lives.  We wanted a church that would keep the best traditions and the structure of the Catholic mass but align more with our values around LGBT, and found a number of other Christian churches which we attended, but after our first mass at MOM my wife and I looked at each other and said the same thing, "It feels like home."  We have been warmly received into this wonderful caring community, and want to become more deeply involved.  My passion is to help and serve others, which is why I went into teaching, and which I now get the privilege to do as a marketing consultant.  My purpose in being on the leadership council would be to increase my ability to give back to this community.

Len Russ

I have always worked at service related jobs, beginning as a lifeguard, then swim instructor, U.S. Air Force flight line, school teacher, grocery clerk, USPS  letter carrier, and finally as a Route Driver for the Food Bank for Larimer County. Having finally retired I have always enjoyed the outdoors, especially the Rocky Mountains, astronomy and science fiction. I also enjoy working at various hands on projects. I had the good fortune to learn of and follow the teachings of Richard Rohr and his call to action and contemplative prayer. I feel especially blessed to have found and to join Mary of Magdala. Ginger and I also attend church services at Trinity Lutheran and we love the friends and family that we share our lives and story with at both churches! We are doubly blessed!

Carol Persons

As a member of Mary of Magdala Community I humbly accepted the invitation to serve the remaining time of Rain’s elected position on the Leadership Council.


After my teaching career retirement I slowly, steadily searched for what I called My Spiritual Community.  Open, welcoming, supporting, and growing-these the necessary spiritual and social viewpoints and practices, a simple horizontal elected management, and priests and deacons from us who love, teach, and inspire us.  I consider myself blessed to have found these qualities already established in MoM, ECC. I will strive to support these values.


In teaching I often worked with teams as we searched for better ways to reach and teach students.  I can participate with our elected Leadership Council to serve  our community.


“With the heart and mind of Christ, we transform the world.”

David Devlin

I relocated to FC in 2012 from Lake Geneva Wisconsin with my wife Mary Lou. I served in many capacities in our home parish of Saint Benedicts of Fontana, WI . parish council as a member at large, president, Dream Team member (where is our parish going, and how to meet needs of all parishioners) also as member of our Saint Vincent de Paul organization. We struggled with finding the right fit for our changing Catholic Church for Mary Lou and myself. We so enjoyed the all-inclusive message at Mary Magdala. I believe that I bring I good understanding of the behind the scenes work of a vibrant parish. If I had to pick one area for any parish to sustain itself that would be to bring mid to younger families into our arms. I also owned my own business for 30 years so I have a good understanding of organizational management and finances.


Michael Six - Co-Chair

The genuine welcome and inclusiveness of the people of Mary of Magdala drew me into the Ecumenical Catholic Communion.  The opportunity to serve and grow in my spiritual journey has invited me to become part of the leadership at Mary of Magdala.  I have spent most of my career in education and healthcare.  Currently, I serve as the director of patient experience and physician development for a healthcare system.  At Mary of Magdala, I have had the opportunity to join the liturgy community and serve as a lector.  It is my hope that, as part of the leadership council, I can give back to the community to help support the growth and sustainability of the welcoming spirit of the ECC and of the people of Mary of Magdala.

Rosean Amaral - Deacon

The radical welcome and true hospitality spelled out in the ECC Constitution first drew me to Mary of Magdala. I served on the steering committee during our discernment period which led to joining the ECC.  I am a lector, member of the Foot Washers and the Adult Education ministry, and an ordained deacon with Mary of Magdala. Thanks to the open arms of the community, I am free to join my "YES!" to the many faithful who have come before me!  My gratitude to all of you!

Pastor Jane Reina

Jane says she is still touched by the Mary of Magdala Community. As a member for the last four years she says: “As soon I walked into Mary of Magdala for Mass, I could feel the prayerfulness of the community and that they ‘walked the talk.’ I had recently moved from New Jersey and was looking for a Catholic Community that was open, inclusive, and lived the Gospel. Mary of Magdala welcomed me, and more. I also wanted a church that was part of something larger, and Mary of Magdala is part of the Ecumenical Catholic Communion. I am home in an independent church that is connected to other independent churches in the catholic tradition, one that invites everyone to the Table of Christ.

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