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Liturgy Ministry

The Liturgy Committee seeks to enrich the worship experience for every member, friend and visitor of the Mary of Magdala community. The vision is to plan liturgies that engage the Mary of Magdala community, reflect the values of the community, and deepens the faith of the community.


At this point, the Ecumenical Catholic Communion does not have a formal set of liturgical guidelines. With respect to the Eucharistic celebration; we honor the format of the Catholic Mass, the values of our local community, and recognize the opportunity to be innovative as well as respectful of our Catholic traditions.

Expanding Worship

for all to participate in the celebrations

Planning Weekly and Special Celebrations

  • We plan weekly Eucharistic service, special seasonal services (Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, Mary of Magdala feast day), and provide assistance for other sacraments, Baptism, Marriage, and Sacrament of the Sick.

  • We seek opportunities to expand understanding of worship within the Mary of Magdala community, the nature of worships in the ECC, and to enable Mary of Magdala members participate fully in worship at Mary of Magdala.  If opportunities exist, we will engage with liturgy ministries in other ECC parishes.

  • We plan and create the ministry's budget and spend wisely. 

  • We engage the members of Mary of Magdala in evaluating the liturgy. 

  • Liturgy Ministry policies are periodically reviewed and revised.

Ministries within Ministry

  • Our Music Ministry plans the music for the weekly Eucharistic service and the seasonal services such as Christmas and Easter, engages volunteers to be musicians, identifies needs for and preparing materials so that the congregation can participate in the music.       More information on the Music Ministry >

  • Eucharistic Ministers assist in the sharing of bread and wine at the Eucharistic Service.

  • Linen Washers provide a service to maintain the clothes used at liturgical services.

  • Lectors proclaim the readings at a Sunday service

  • Bread bakers provide the bread that is used at each service

Ministry Chair – Kerrie Anderson

Members: Linda Joyce, Anne Beaven, Deacon Rosean Amaral,  and Pastor Jane Reina

We welcome suggestions to enhance our liturgical experiences.

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