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Far left and far right: Co-Pastors of Mary of Magdala, ECC Rev. Jane Reina and Dcn Rosean Amaral - Rev. Felicia of St Paul's Episcopal - Rev. Rick Reiten, Pastor of Trinity Lutheran

The 301 Faith Partners


October 2021 - St Paul’s Episcopal, Mary of Magdala, Ecumenical Catholic and Trinity Lutheran marks the fourth year of sharing time and facility together, worshiping as individual faith communities and coming together to work toward common goals in ministry.


Over these years, it became evident we can be more and do more together - in true ecumenical ways. The three-church cooperation committee drafted a joint covenant that moved us from the role of renters into a union of three - the Faith Partners.     


With the “301 Faith Partners Covenant” each church continues to be a unique entity retaining all of their faith traditions but also committing to a future as an ecumenical community. Rather than a legal document of financial agreements, rules, and limitations, we have chosen the approach like the vows in a marriage. Vows are not exhaustive - and the foundation of decision-making will be love and respect grounded in the mission of Christ. This mission has a church - here at 301 E Stuart St.


Read our covenant below and the work of the 301 Faith Partners Vision Team.

Camping Site in Mountains

Our Vision - ‘Our guiding Light’

Weaving a tapestry of love, hope and justice for the world.

Our Mission - 'What we do'

301 Faith Partners is an inclusive community dedicated to be more, and do more together, while respecting individual gifts and traditions. We welcome all people and offer a spiritual refuge with opportunities for individual and collective growth. We commit to work for social justice and to protect all creation.

Our Prayer - 'As we work together'

Eternal Source of Creativity and Wisdom, who by the Holy Spirit guided the Apostles in all knowledge and truth, be present with us, the 301 Faith Partners.


In the passions of debate give us a quiet spirit, in the complexities of the issues give us clear minds, and in the moments of decision give us courageous hearts.


Guide us in all things to seek only your dream for your people;
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Our Convenant

As we move into a long-term partnership, Trinity Lutheran, St. Paul’s Episcopal, and Mary of Magdala Ecumenical Catholic Community, will have expectations of one another, renewable agreements, and promises to one another. As three separate and unique congregations, but one faith community, we covenant with one another:


  1. We covenant to LOVE – to love God, Self, and our Partners in Ministry as we Love Our Self - seeking together God’s will for our partnership.

  2. We covenant to COMMUNICATE – to be open, honest, and more effective in communication among our three congregations; to communicate the decisions and work of our faith partnership to all three congregations; to respect each congregation to retain its own unique historical character, governance, and polity, as each continues to manage its own finances, even as we share expenses.

  3. We covenant to WORK TOGETHER in all Volunteer Areas – to help share the responsibility and care of our common spaces including sanctuary, kitchen, narthex, fellowship hall, and sacristy. We will continue to work together across ministry teams such as Faith Formation, Social Eco Justice, Music, and Property, while promising to find other ways to faithfully engage in ministry together.

  4. We covenant to SHARE monthly Operations and Maintenance Expenses – to reassess each congregation’s contribution, based on need and ability, to the shared expenses of operating and maintaining the church and its ministries. We share together the information of finances, to better contribute to the shared expense of ministry.

  5. We covenant to INVITE one another into any capital expense – to consider, create, and fund capital projects (expenses outside normal monthly operation and maintenance) for use by all three congregations.