Mother Rosean Amaral - Ordained priest in the ECC
Co-Pastor at Mary of Magdala, ECC


The radical welcome and true hospitality of the ECC Constitution first called Rosean to Mary of Magdala.  She has served on the original steering committee and leadership council and now serves on the Adult Education Formation committee and the Foot Washers Ministry.


Rosean has completed 4 years of study in the program of Theological Education for Ministry and also a spiritual director having completed her formation in Denver.  On April 29, 2017,  Rosean  was ordained to the permanent diaconate. "Thanks to the open arms of inclusiveness at Mary of Magdala", says Rosean, "I am free to join my 'YES!' to the many faithful who have come before me." 

Rosean and her partner of 30 years, Laurie, are the parents of four children who have blessed them with ten grandchildren.

deacon jane.jpg

Pastor Jane Reina - Ordained priest in the ECC

Co-Pastor at Mary of Magdala, ECC

Jane says she is still touched by the Mary of Magdala Community. As a member for the last four years she says: “As soon I walked into Mary of Magdala for Mass, I could feel the prayerfulness of the community and that they ‘walked the talk.’ I had recently moved from New Jersey and was looking for a Catholic Community that was open, inclusive, and lived the Gospel. Mary of Magdala welcomed me, and more. I also wanted a church that was part of something larger, and Mary of Magdala is part of the Ecumenical Catholic Communion. I am home in an independent church that is connected to other independent churches in the catholic tradition, one that invites everyone to the Table of Christ."


Jane grew up in NJ, has 3 children in Boston, NJ, and Denver; and 4 grandsons. She attended Catholic schools for 14 years. She learned social justice and inclusivity from her immigrant grandparents and as a member of the Sisters of Charity of St. Elizabeth, Convent Station, NJ. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in English/Psychology/Secondary Education from Trinity University in San Antonio, TX, and earned Master of Arts in Pastoral Care in2014 from Fordham University in NY. She completed seven units of Clinical Pastoral Education in a Trauma 2 hospital in Morristown NJ in 2014, and has worked as chaplain for UC Health, Banner, and currently for Pathways Hospice.


“I fell into chaplaincy by accident – this is how God works in me – and fell in love with it. Companioning patients and families through the death and dying process, everything is spiritual. God is on everyone’s mind, one way or another. Representing God’s love and Peace is my calling. Mary of Magdala has affirmed my further call to Deacon and Priesthood within the ECC.” Jane was recently ordained Deacon and will be ordained Priest on March 22, 2020 at Mary of Magdala in Fort Collins.


"The whole of the ECC of the Rocky Mountain Region and especially the community of Mary of Magdala lives a life true to the message of God as taught by Jesus and as an continued embodiment through the Incarnation of Christ. We are all holy!"

Fr Teri Harroun

​ the pastor at Light of Christ ECC Church in Longmont, CO where she is involved with religious education for high school students. She was ordained in 2009 after receiving a Master of Divinity degree from Iliff School of Theology & has a BS in Computer Science.  She is the mother of three, and has served as a hospital chaplain.

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Fr Michael Nicosia

​ the Vicar of the Presiding ECC Bishop to the Rocky Mountain Region of the ECC. He is an accomplished musician and artist activist and advocate, and a member of the board of the Colorado Council of Churches. Father Michael received his master's of divinity from St Bernard School of Theology and Pastoral Studies and is ordained by the Ecumenical Catholic Communion

We affirm both women and men
in all ministries valuing their personal giftedness to serve the church.