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Mary of Magdala Community joins with St. Paul's Episcopal eand Trinity Lutheran to serve homeless families

Mary of Magdala joins St Paul's Episcopal as support parishes for Christ United Methodist  hosting of homeless families in the 'Overnight Shelter Program.'


This program managed through "Family Housing Network" is an interfaith volunteer effort coordinating the services to families experiencing homelessness.  In partnership with 30 Fort Collins faith communities FHN provides fellowship, case management, safe overnight lodging, meals, and a family day center

to help families become self-sufficient.  Mary of

Magdala assists with cooking and provides

evening and overnight hosts. 


Visit Family Housing Network's website to find out

about their other services in case management,

day center and transitional housing.

We actively engage

in many just causes inspired by the Gospel

Come and join us!

"If we are not marginalized ourselves in some way, we normally need to associate with some marginalized group to have an enlightened Gospel perspective and to be converted to compassion."  (Richard Rohr)

Jesus' own words tell us to feed the hungry and shelter the homeless.  And shouldn't we be especially responsive to the children and families in our own community of Fort Collins?

We invite all to join us in this rewarding ministry. 

For more information or to volunteer, contact Jean Christen at

Lynne Barnes:  Co-coordinator, email:

ph: 970-223-2820.   

Jean Christen, Coordinator

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