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Community Constitution (For complete constitution, click here)


Mary of Magdala, while keeping with all authentic catholic tradition, embraces the following distinctives in our belief and practice:

1. We recognize the importance of the symbolism of unity in the Office of the Pope. However, we view the dogma of the infallibility of the Pope as being inconsistent with authentic catholic theology and tradition.

2. We uphold the primacy of enlightened individual conscience in matters of moral decisions that relate to peace and social justice, the dignity of the individual and the integrity of the community.

Mary of Magdala affirms the dignity of all human persons

​Distinctives (continued)


3. As a member community of the ECC, we recognize each adult baptized person to be an equal member of the catholic church. No deacon, priest or bishop owns the sacraments or the gift of Christ’s grace. Therefore lay people share equally in the self - governance of this community. All voting members of the Mary of Magdala community may participate in the process of selecting their lay and ordained leaders.


4. The clergy are free to marry, remain single, live in responsible monogamous relationships and raise families. Mary of Magdala does not deny marriage or other meaningful partnerships to those who have an authentic vocation to the ordained priesthood. To deny such right may diminish the spiritual and psychological health and growth of the church clergy.

5. Mary of Magdala will promote vocation to priestly ministry among both women and men and will affirm both women and men in all ministries valuing their personal giftedness to serve the church.

6. We will extend a healing hand to all who have been through the pain of divorce and to those who are remarried, with or without annulment, by welcoming them to the Eucharistic table unconditionally. We will support them in their faith journey toward fuller life in Christ.

7. Mary of Magdala members participate unreservedly, in the mission, faith, tradition and beliefs of the church. We commit ourselves to promote the life of Christ in the lives of individuals, in the community and in the world by actively engaging in many just causes inspired by the Gospel.

8. Mary of Magdala members believe the use of contraception, if used responsibly, can be a positive good as a means of increasing the frequency of the gift of sexual union, reducing the incidence of abortion for unwanted pregnancies and in some forms limiting the spread of sexually transmitted disease.

9. Mary of Magdala members affirm the dignity of all human persons regardless of race, national origin, religious affiliation, gender, or sexual orientation.

10. All are welcome to receive Communion at Mary of Magdala’s Eucharistic table.

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