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Vision Statement

‘With the heart and mind of Christ, we transform the world.’

‘With the heart and mind of Christ we transform the world” is a bold statement, and we believe it to be true. It is our north star and direct reference to Philippians 2:5, asking us to do more. “Let the same mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus.”  It is not just about honoring what he did and how he lived but rather a challenge for our path in this life. 

Mission Statement

Mary of Magdala is an inclusive, independent catholic community, welcoming each and all as the Beloved of God. We are ecumenical; we celebrate the rich heritage of catholic spirituality while honoring all spiritual traditions. We strive for justice and peace, and respond to the call of discipleship by loving deeply and rooting our lives in prayer and service.


The core values of our community include:  

1. inclusivity,

2. forgiveness and reconciliation,

3. genuine caring for one another, 

4. hospitality – welcoming all,

5. community,

6. laypersons’ empowerment,

7. primacy of conscience, 

8. a sacramental life, 

9. honoring tradition,              

10.exploring new ideas, and;

11.valuing love over law

An inclusive Community

A member of the Ecumenical
Catholic Communion


celebrating at Trinity Lutheran
301 E. Stuart St.

Fort Collins, CO 80525

Mass Time
Sundays       5:00 PM
Please call Mary of Magdala's
office Phone for updates
Office: 970-493-9536
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Deacon Rosean Amaral





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Deacon Jane Reina




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